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You are an elevator operator. You job is to operate the elevator and get patrons to their designated floor. Simple right? Well... not quite. This elevator has a few issues. The mechanic is trying to fix it, but it seems all the buttons are mapped incorrectly!

Your job is to try and work out the secret to the elevator and deliver all the patrons happily. But when you work it out, it might not last long as the mechanic is still trying to fix it and might jumble them all up again!

Made in 7 days for the Community Game Jam 2019 (https://itch.io/jam/cgj) by Anthony Reed, Corey Underdown and Jon Coates. 


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Shafted.zip 25 MB
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Can you please do a Mac build?

Hey Igor,

Thanks for your interest :) Just uploaded a mac version for you now. Hope you enjoy!


Good concept, It's a little bit hard! lol But I like the music, the art style is great, Just one thing, I would say that you guys should add more mechanics since just typing a number and getting to floors after you play awhile, it gets bored. Overall I like everything about the game :)

Thanks for playing and your feedback! We would have loved to add more to the story (we had some crazy ideas involving assassins) but ran out of time!

Yeah I understand! The same happened to me 😅 I'll be waiting for your feedback on my game hopefully you'll like it!