Peculiar potions you must make
Proceed with caution, make no mistake
Or you may find yourself with a headache.

Made for the 2022 Cosy Autumn Game Jam


Anthony Reed - Programming
Corey Underdown - Programming
Jon Coates - Art


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I wish I knew how to add spoiler text to comments. Please don't read if you've yet to finish the game!

I love the atmosphere and didn't find any bugs! But I've found the love potion has two hints that tell you the same information about the order of the last two ingredients, and none that tell you the order of the eggs. Also, I'm sure it was unintentional and a crazy coincidence, but all the ingredients are in correct order read left to right on the page. If you happen to skip instructions and throw them in before reading the rest, you'd miss the whole puzzle! It seems like it would be a rather easy fix to rearrange the ingredients list, at least.

I only figured that out after completing all three potions, though. It was fun and cute, and I'd love to see more!

Very cool game. Kinda spooky o.O
But I ran into some logic issues. For the strenght potion there seemed to be a very specific order. But there are other solutions which follow all the rules outlined but still dont work. So it became very confusing what to do and resulted in a lot of explosions for me.