A downloadable game for Windows

An entry into the Kindred Community Jam Round 3

Death has been slacking off lately and now over population is making the mortal realm a pretty cruddy place to be. Meanwhile, in the realm of the gods, a soul shortage is having a negative effect to the economy.

Azrael, The Old High One, has sent death and his minions to the mortal realm with one mission: to return the balance.

  • Move Camera: W, S, A, D
  • Select units: Left Click
  • Order selected units to location: Right Click

Music from https://freemusicarchive.org/genre/Ambient

Made in 7 days by Anthony Reed, Corey Underdown and Jon Coates for the Kindred Community Jam  (https://itch.io/jam/kindred-community-jam)


After_Life_Win_0.1.3.zip 30 MB
AfterLife_0.1.3.zip 31 MB


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didnot work , please fix this

(1 edit)


Thanks for the interest in our game. I'm guessing you were trying to run the Mac version? We tested that one ourselves and found it wasn't working, so the new 0.1.2 version is up that should hopefully work for you now.


actually i just realized that it works but , pls make a 32-bit version?